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Restore your smile to perfection with Dr. Huda Aljonaidy at Blossom Dental.

Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics in Ormond Beach specializes in restorative dentistry to help you achieve a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile. Our practice, led by Dentist Dr. Huda Aljonaidy, offers comprehensive restorative dental services tailored to your unique needs. Our state-of-the-art facility and compassionate team ensure you receive top-quality care in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral diseases, as well as repairing damaged or missing teeth. The goal is to restore the natural function and appearance of your teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence. Here’s a detailed look at the restorative dental services we offer:

Restorative Dentistry -Blossom Dental Ormond Beach, FL. Dentist Dr. Huda AlJonaidy

Restorative Dentistry at Blossom Dental Ormond Beach

Restorative dentistry focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral diseases and repairing damaged or missing teeth. The goal is to restore your teeth’ natural function and appearance so you can smile confidently. Here’s a detailed look at the vital dental services offered at Blossom Dental in Ormond Beach.

Dental Crowns

Description: Custom-made crowns cover damaged teeth, restoring their shape, strength, and appearance. Our in-house dental crown laboratory ensures precision and quick turnaround.

Before and after images of dental crowns, close-ups of the crown fitting process.

 Dental Bridges

Description: Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth by anchoring artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth. This solution helps maintain facial structure and improve chewing and speaking abilities.
Diagrams showing how dental bridges work, before and after images.

Dental Implants

Description: Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. They involve placing a titanium post in the jawbone, a foundation for a replacement tooth. Implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

Dental Exam and cleaning at Blossom Dental Ormond Beach, FL Dentist Dr. Huda AlJonaidy provides exceptional advanced dentistry

Dental Dentures

Description: We offer both full and partial dentures to replace missing teeth. Modern dentures are comfortable, natural-looking, and designed to fit securely in your mouth.

Dental Exam and cleaning at Blossom Dental Ormond Beach, FL Dentist Dr. Huda AlJonaidy provides exceptional advanced dentistry

Inlays and Onlays

Description: Inlays and onlays repair teeth with moderate decay or damage that is not severe enough for a crown. These restorations are custom-made to fit the specific contours of your tooth.

Images of dentures, before and after photos of patients with dentures.

  Composite Fillings

Description: Tooth-colored fillings are used to repair cavities and minor fractures. Composite fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth for a flawless finish.

Blossom dental

Comprehensive Dental Care Tailored to You

At Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we understand that every patient’s dental needs are unique. That’s why we offer personalized treatment plans that address your specific oral health issues and aesthetic goals. Whether you require a simple filling or a full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Huda Aljonaidy and her team are here to provide expert care using the latest dental technology.


Inlays and Onlays


Composite Fillings

Our restorative dentistry services in Ormond Beach are intended to enhance your dental health and overall well-being. By improving the function and appearance of your teeth, we aim to help you regain confidence in your smile and improve your quality of life. Our approach is patient-centered, ensuring your involvement in every step of the treatment process.

Long-Lasting Solutions for Your Dental Health

Restorative dentistry at Blossom Dental goes beyond just fixing teeth. We aim to provide long-lasting solutions that prevent future dental issues and maintain the integrity of your oral health. With options like dental implants and bridges, you can enjoy a durable and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. Our state-of-the-art in-house dental crown laboratory allows us to create custom crowns that match your natural teeth perfectly, providing both function and beauty.

Why Choose Blossom Dental for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Expert Care: Dr. Huda Aljonaidy brings years of experience and a commitment to excellence in restorative dentistry.
  • Advanced Technology: Our practice uses cutting-edge technology to provide precise, efficient, and comfortable treatments.
  • Personalized Approach: We tailor each treatment plan to meet your needs and goals, ensuring optimal results.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Our modern facility is designed to make your visits as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Contact us for outstanding Restorative Dentistry Services at Blossom Dental Ormond Beach.

Experience the difference that expert restorative dentistry can make. Contact Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics in Ormond Beach today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Huda Aljonaidy. Whether you need a simple filling, a crown, or a complete dental restoration, we are here to help you achieve optimal oral health and a beautiful smile.

Advanced Technology for Superior Care

Our commitment to using advanced technology sets us apart. Blossom Dental in Ormond Beach utilizes the latest dental equipment and techniques to ensure precise and efficient treatments. From digital X-rays to 3D imaging and our in-house crown laboratory, we have the resources to provide exceptional care. This technology not only improves the accuracy of our treatments but also enhances patient comfort and reduces recovery times.

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Teeth Whitening

Unveil the Radiance of Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening. Our advanced teeth whitening services at Blossom Dental harness the power of cutting-edge technology to brighten your smile. Elevate your confidence and oral aesthetics with our personalized and effective teeth whitening treatments in Ormond Beach, FL. Explore the brilliance of a whiter, more vibrant smile with our expert dental care.

Emergency Dental Care

Count on Blossom Dental in Ormond Beach for prompt and compassionate emergency dental care. Our skilled team is ready to address your urgent dental needs with efficiency and care, providing swift relief when you need it the most. Trust us to restore your smile and well-being in any dental emergency. Your oral health is our priority—contact Blossom Dental for immediate assistance.

Yomi Robot-assisted Dental Implants

Experience the future of dental implant procedures with Yomi Robot-assisted Dental Implants at Blossom Dental in Ormond Beach. Our cutting-edge technology ensures precision and efficiency, providing a transformative solution for a seamless and comfortable dental implant experience. Elevate your oral health with our advanced and innovative approach to dental care.


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