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Teeth Whitening Services at Blossom Dental

Transform your smile at Blossom Dental in Ormond Beach, where our expert dentists provide top-notch teeth whitening services. As your trusted Ormond Beach dentist, we recognize the significance of a dazzling, self-assured smile. Our professional teeth whitening options allow you to attain the radiant smile you’ve longed for. Explore the transformative effects of teeth whitening at Blossom Dental Ormond Beach today.

Our professional team recognizes the profound impact of a brilliant smile and is dedicated to providing personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities throughout the teeth whitening—from the initial consultation to the final dazzling results.

Experience the Magic of Teeth Whitening at Blossom Dental and Facial Aesthetics:

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our cutting-edge GLO Professional Teeth Whitening services at Blossom Dental. Elevate your smile with advanced technology, ensuring swift and effective results without typical tooth sensitivity linked to traditional treatments.

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GLO Professional Whitening System: A Marvel of Technology:

Delve into the marvel of our GLO Professional Whitening system, featuring a universally sized mouthpiece.

This ingenious design integrates cutting-edge heat technology and light, accelerating the whitening process with a professional-strength hydrogen peroxide gel. The result? Faster, more efficient results with minimal sensitivity.

The GLO Science Professional Experience:

Indulge in the exclusive GLO Science Professional experience, available only at Blossom Dental. This includes an in-office whitening session for superior results. As a bonus, you’ll receive a GLO mouthpiece for convenient at-home maintenance—no cumbersome trays required.

Patented Guided Light Optics (GLO): Revolutionizing Whitening:

Discover the brilliance of our patented Guided Light Optics, a revolutionary technology developed by oral health expert Dr. Jonathan B. Levine. Encased in a closed-system mouthpiece, this groundbreaking approach combines warming heat and light to activate the whitening gel, ensuring enduring results by preventing oxygen escape.

Say Farewell to Messy Trays and Strips:

Bid fare well to traditional teeth whitening methods with GLO Science Professional. Highly effective and safe for all dental work, including crowns, caps, bonding, and veneers, it provides you with your brightest and most dazzling smile.

Post-GLO Care: Tips for Prolonged Radiance:

Following your GLO in-office whitening, your teeth are more susceptible to staining for 48 hours. Avoid tobacco and staining foods like red wine, coffee, and dark fruits—anything that could stain a white T-shirt. If sensitivity arises, contact your dental professional. While teeth whitening isn’t permanent, you can preserve your radiant smile using the GLO Professional Take-Home Whitening Device.

Transform Your Smile Today:

Embark on the journey to a whiter, more confident you with GLO Professional Whitening at Blossom Dental. Your radiant smile awaits! Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward achieving your dream smile.

Experience the brilliance of a whiter, more confident you with GLO Professional Whitening at Blossom Dental. Schedule your consultation today and unveil a brighter, more radiant smile.

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